Machina Dynamica New Dark Matter CD and Blu Ray tray treatment?

This is a set of adhesive-backed thin plastic pieces that one attaches to one’s transport or player disc tray. The disk rests on them during non-spin mode, but presumably don’t touch the applied thin pieces during playback mode. The company says the new Dark Matter pieces reduces background scattered light from reaching the photodetector, thereby improving performance. 

Anyone tried this product? Please specify transport or player if you have and your impressions. 
Thanks David for your review. I plan to try it soon in my EVS modded Oppo 205. 
Yeah, I admit that there seems a lot of merit to this kit after having read additional info from Geoff’s website. 
I look forward to your impressions of the Dark Matter treatment in your already much improved Oppo 205. It will be interesting  for sure.
David Pritchard

Hi George

"Hey he sees it, if it fits, and it’s ok for even a child to see/read it, then why not.
Geoff deserves every bit of criticism, just look at his avatar here and then go to his website, for a real "roll your eyes" moment."

Have you reviewed Geoff's product yet?



For sure GK can be a challenge to deal with at times and he does rub a lot of people the wrong way but that's his nature here.

Now George will say it's the same old group of gullible snake oilers trying this as those who peddle fuses, mats etc.

I would agree that some are the same members but for a total different reason.
More its the same group of people because they are open and receptive to the possibility that tweaks can work and are willing to try them.

Not every tweak works for every person, I have had some I have returned.

Imho the NDM did seem to have an effect in my little battery powered Sony Discman. This had GK previous Turquoise inside which I removed to replace with the NDM.

Sometimes you just have to work around GK foibles!