Machina Dynamica New Dark Matter CD and Blu Ray tray treatment?

This is a set of adhesive-backed thin plastic pieces that one attaches to one’s transport or player disc tray. The disk rests on them during non-spin mode, but presumably don’t touch the applied thin pieces during playback mode. The company says the new Dark Matter pieces reduces background scattered light from reaching the photodetector, thereby improving performance. 

Anyone tried this product? Please specify transport or player if you have and your impressions. 
Not to worry. I wouldn’t have sold it to you anyway. Have a nice day.
The Dark Matter treatment kit arrived this week and I look forward to evaluating it's effect on my Oppo Blue Ray 203's  picture and audio output. The kit is sold with a 30 day money back policy and return postage is cheap so I think it is a fun experiment! I presently use his Turquoise colored ring on the DVD tray, so it will be interesting to compare no treatment, Turquoise Ring, and Dark Matter squares.
David Pritchard
I have now put the small squares of the Dark Matter product on the tray of my Oppo 203 DVD player. It was easy to attach the small pieces of film- like materiel with the double sided adhesive paper (very thin) to the top of the black tray. Ten minute project.

I watched the same scene from the movie - The Fifth Element where the Diva is singing. I think this scene is a good test of both visual and audio performance. The picture now has more detail and the colors are richer. During motion in the scene, the picture is also improved. The audio dynamics are increased. 

Final verdict - The Dark Matter Treatment Kit works for my DVD player and is staying in place.

David Pritchard
I may have to get a kit for my OPPO now too.
Nice review David.

And a great movie!