Machina Dynamica

Does anyone take the products that Machina Dynamica sells. There is a bell for sale here where you are supposed to ring it in different rooms throughout the house. What does that have to do with audio?
The bell may be the only MD product that actually does something.

Most tweak vendors are based on science and engineering. MD is the high end audio world's leading vendor of what is best described as "science fiction" based tweaks. Take that for what its worth....
"Most tweak vendors are based on science and engineering. "

Well, I might be giving many tweak vendors the benefit of the doubt still with that accounting but I suppose its all relative.

Also I might clarify that the MD bell may be the only MD product that actually has anything concrete to do with sound, in that being a bell I would have to assume it does in fact make a sound, , but I could be overlooking something else. Its also a pretty cool looking trinket from the picture as I recall IMHO FWIW as these things go, with roots in eastern mysticism to boot supposedly as well. I'm sure GEoffkait will correct me as needed....
You've need to read about the Teleportation tweak. Look it up in the archives.
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You may recall a book back in the 80's with a title something like "Build yourself a spaceship". A tongue in cheek mental exercise designed to (once you've grasped the concept) take you on a serious trip when hopped up on mushrooms or the like. It would be interesting to hear where Geoff has been.
MD operates on the "Howard Stern" principle, ie any publicity, good or bad in nature, is still publicity. So ix-nay on the free publici-tay!! I think Geoff should pay to promote his wares like any normal business does and let the cards fall where they might. But these forums are open ones, so it is what it is.
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02-21-13: Mapman
MD operates on the "Howard Stern" principle, ie any publicity, good or bad in nature, is still publicity.

Exactamundo !!!!!!!
GEoff will rightfully tout that his scifi products are very reasonably priced compared to many high end audio trinkets. He will also recommend you put one on everything, including your cat's tail, for better sound.
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"A sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

- Arthur C. Clarke
Viridian, just a guess but I think he meant to ask, "Does anyone take the products that Machina Dynamica sells for granted?"
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Sufficiently advanced marketing hyperbole is indistinguishable from self delusion.
Geoff, we love you. There is probably not a person here who hasn't at least placed a bid on one of your products. Keep doin' what you're doin'.
Please explain how the term "advanced technology" applies to your products, such as:

Pretzel Logic Reef Knot Device
Flying Saucers
Baby Promethean Mini Isolators
Brilliant Pebbles

I note how loquacious you normally are on the forums and how sparse -- to date -- your comments have been on this thread.
Chayro, thanks for the sentiment. However, I'm pretty sure Raytheprinter and Mapman have never bid on any of my items. I suspect Elizabeth probably has but chickened out when her $1 bid didn't hold up. Maybe a group hug would help here.
Sabai wrote,

"Please explain how "advanced technology" applies to your products such as,

Pretzel Logic Reef Knot Device
Flying Saucers
Baby Promethean Mini Isolators
Brilliant Pebbles

The Pretzel Logic Reef Knot Device improves the sound when attached to any cable or cord in the listening room or any other room, even electrical cords for the refrigerator, cords for floor lamps, even audio cables that are non being used, just lying around. I.e., the Pretzel Logic device does not influence the audio signal or the electrical power signal. That is why the device is advanced technology.

Flying Saucers are 1 inch copper foils attached at any and all windows of the listening room and windows in other rooms. However the copper foil is too small and not the right material to act as a glass damper, if you see what I mean.

The Baby Prometheans are advanced technology primarily due to their low profile which enables them to be used in situations where space is at a premium and where high center of gravity loads are involved. And because by simply adding more springs, very high loads can be isolated. Not to mention Baby Prometheans are very inexpensive compared to say Vibraplane and other advanced isolation devices.

Brilliant Pebbles is the first audiophile crystal-based product that is a comprehensive method for resonance control and EMI/RFI absorption in the room, including room corners, power plugs, transformers, windows, top of speaker cabinets, etc. While their are now many crystal based audiophile products, mine was the first, not counting Shakti Stone.
IOW, pitchers and catchers are one and the same:) The Larry Shandling Show was great, wasn't it?
Judging by the number of sales, M D appears to be a very succesful little operation that has more than a few happy customers.
During the great majority of our existence we thought the earth was flat, all while congratulating ourselves for how smart and advanced we are.
I like the flying saucer pic on the MD website. I might have been tempted to buy when I was 10 years old maybe, if any spare change from the sea monkeys.
So let's take a poll - Have you ever bid on a MD product? Even as low as a dollar. Better yet, do you own any MD products? Someone must be buying them. I admit to once bidding on something. Perhaps the pebbles? OK, I admit it. See - the sky didn't fall. However, I don't own any MD products. My loss, I guess.
Sabai, you asked about my products and how advanced technology is related to them. It occurs to me to add to my last post that I actually don't claim all of my products involve advanced technology. I do use the tagline, Advanced Audio Concepts, which I think is more accurate than saying they involve advanced technology. At the same time, some of my products actually do involve advanced technology such as nanotechnology and even quantum teleportation. The Baby Prometheans are a high concept but rather low tech. The turquoise tray masking rings are a high concept but low tech. If you see what I mean.
Zen, what makes you think we thought the earth was flat for the majority of our existence, written history? Or did you come up with that on your own? You and Geoff are going to have to start conferring if he's ever gonna gain some credibility here. You need to take some cues from him. Like giving long drawn out explanations without actually saying anything. Don't be so quick to the punch. Relax, take it easy, and above all... be 'cool'.
Different people have different definitions of "advanced technology". Your definition suits you very well.
I am still trying to figure out from those explanations where the advanced technology is located.

1. They are not in the audio signal, therefore they are advanced technology
2.Where does the advanced technology come from in taking a piece of copper sheet, cutting it with tin snips to kind of, sort of, maybe, look like a flying saucer, and then applying a glue backer to it? Even in your "description", you said nothing about what they do, just what they don't do. LOL
3. Compression springs have been around for many years. I guess the advanced technology in those is that you actually found some in a catalog and came up with the idea of charging someone more than ten times what you paid for them and marketing them as unique.
4. The closest that you came to actually coming up with a reason as to why it might work. Still, no proof that it does anything.

This doesn't even get into how you can get away with taking Lowe's incredibly cheap lead glass balls or their ceramic outlet covers, buying them and reselling them at 10 or more times the price you paid for them. It must be mind matter interaction or some sort of quantum pixie dust that you mystically applied to them.
Doesn't the phone call "work" by quantum teleportation? I just did a little reading on the subject. I am no expert on it, but apparently neither are you. The world record is 89 miles using lasers in open air as stated in several articles, none of which are trying to sell anything. Maybe all of these teams of real scientists should get in touch with you and figure out how to do it to anywhere in the world over the telephone.
Csmgolf wrote,

"I am still trying to figure out from those explanations where the advanced technology is located."

The term "advanced technology" was Sabai's, not mine. My term is "advanced concepts." For some things advanced technology is involved,
e.g., Super Intelligent Chip (nanotechnology) and the Teleportation Tweak (quantum teleportation), while others, as I pointed out to Sabai, are low tech or new applications of old technology. Obviously some of my products, like the water bowls are very simple in materials (water) but advanced in concept. For the compression springs the advanced concept is the dual layer of heavy masses and springs (Kundalini Platform). My clock and the blue dots and the Reef Knot device are extensions of PWB Electronics concepts. I suppose one could call those concepts mind-matter interaction and information fields or Morphic Resonance, take your pick. You know, advanced concepts.
Zen, what makes you think we thought the earth was flat for the majority of our existence, written history? Or did you come up with that on your own? You and Geoff are going to have to start conferring if he's ever gonna gain some credibility here.

Most civilizations only considered a round earth sometime in the past 2,000 years. We have been around considerably longer. Just Wiki "flat earth"

My point is that people often ridicule that which they don't understand.

BTW, I have a very laid back personality thanks to Buddhism
Just what are you talking about when you say, 'If you see what I mean'. I think we'd all like to know 'What you mean'!
Do 'you' know?
Csontos, you're more likely to get more informative answers
from a magic 8 ball than Geoffkait.
" It occurs to me to add to my last post that I actually don't claim all of my products involve advanced technology. "

A Slinky is a technological marvel compared to those crappy 2 cent springs.
02-21-09: Chayro Honestly, I think the cheapest tweak is to buy a better
whatever component you're trying to tweak. Between the power cords, shelves,
cones, blocks and other bullshit, you end up spending more than a better
"whatever" in the long run. That aside, I really thought the Audience
single-outlet power conditioner (ARp1?) made a really positive improvement in
my system. About $300 and change used. I guess this is "cheap" in
the world of high-end. I plugged it directly into the outlet and attached a $50
Wiremold strip to it.
Chayro (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)
Heres a thought,

A person decides to learn about high end audio .And they find themselves on Audiogon.They check out the home page.On the upper left hand corner they see Accessories,and they click on tweaks wondering about this.What is the first thing they see? The M.D. Pretzel,next they see the really cool looking ad with Flying Saucers ,,,,,,,Im not trying to be an ass,but I just have to shake my head when I see some of these ads.I think Geoff Is a swell person but I cannot buy into this stuff.And its not just MD,,,,Check out Coconut Audios webpage,this guy in Sweden reads about American audiophiles. Buying some of these tweaks, and really expensive cables.Then reads some of the explanations about why this stuff is so costly,and works so well.He says to himself,,WOW these guys are crazy,they will buy anything if its priced high enough, and has some BS to go along with it! So he wants to make some of this easy money from these nutty people.So he comes up with his version of,,,tweaks,,some that aliens brought to earth,,and actually sells some things!The poor person that is trying to learn has to wade thru this? If we were on a car forum and someone tryed to sell you a jar with rocks in it ,saying that if you put this jar of rocks in your trunk it will improve the performance of your car would you say"Well I cant say for sure that it does not work ,,so it might work!"WOW!
Raytheprinter, I am pretty sure you're not the only one to express the sentiment that you "cannot buy into this stuff." If I'm not mistaken that's exactly what many audiophiles have said about expensive cables, demagnetizing CDs or LPs, tiny bowl resonators, Quantum short, there's a long and illustrious history of things that audiophiles cannot buy into, stretching back to the concept of Stereophonic Sound itself. At the same time, we have observed successes with preposterous sounding audio devices and concepts such as Coloring CDs, SteinMusic Harmonizer, Schumann Frequency Generator, Frank Tchang's tiny metal bowl resonators, Shakti Stone, Tourmaline Guns and other deionizers, freezing CDs, LPs and cables and cryogenics. Are we to dismiss these successes?

There are many non-audio examples of things that well-meaning folks have had trouble "buying into" - you know, things like quantum physics, faster than sound flight, black holes, Dark Matter, the Big Bang, teleportation, artificial atoms, the Atomic Bomb, things of that nature. There will always be room for Doubting Thomases. They're the salt of the Earth. But , please, let's try not to have a brain aneurysm over all of this, it's just not worth it. Remember, it's only a hobby. :-)
I see what you mean: advanced technology = Advanced Audio Concepts = high concept = low tech. I got it now.
Maybe if other purveyors of high end audio products of questionable value fess up and give up their livelihood, Geoff will too? Why should he be the first? Just because his appear to be the most blatantly ridiculous and far fetched? I don't think so. As seemingly useless garbage goes, his may be one of the best values out there!
Zen, again if you are referring to written history then I suggest you are limiting your perception. Do you really think basic observable aspects of our existence were only discovered because we knew how to write them down? If Buddha at the very least didn't know the earth was a sphere, then the idea of reaching nirvana can't not be a futile, bogus concept.
BTW, your laid back personality doesn't seem to come through in your posts, not that I'm questioning it. Geoff's does.
Sabai, that's the kind of pretzel logic only someone who daisy chains his cables could come up with. :-)