Macbook w/ Audirvana vs. CD playback

I just downloaded Audirvana Plus (free 15 day trial) and compared CD's ripped to my MacBook Pro against the same CD's played through my Rotel deck. MacBook Pro w/ Audirvana Plus > Belkin Gold USB cable > Emotiva XDA-2 DAC > AQ King Cobra IC > Rogue amp vs. CD's into Rotel RCD-1072 > MIT coaxial digital cable > Emotiva XDA-2 DAC > AQ King Cobra IC > Rogue amp. My ears are pretty good at hearing subtle differences in the quality of the sound of music, but I cannot hear any significant differences between the two. Is it just me, or do you guys and gals have the same reaction ? I'm curious as to what you think.
Why do you have your 1072 going to the dac? I think there's a good chance it will sound better by itself.

To answer your main question, it looks like you got pretty decent results on your first try. Most people don't get a PC setup to sound as good as a CD player on their first attempt. With a computer front end, there are a lot of variables you need to work out for best sound. How did you rip your CD's, what format did you rip to, are you set up for bit perfect, are your PC and player configured properly, etc.., are all things you need to look at before you can fairly judge what you are hearing.
The Rotel into the DAC for the easiest comparison listening. The Emotiva has a
remote which can switch sources ... the Rogue does not. Best way to
immediately compare CD to download is via the Emotiva DAC. My usual CD
listening is with the Rotel directly into the Rogue via AQ King Cobra IC.
You can do better than just loading Audirvana Plus onto your Mac. That's kind of like buying a record player with whatever cartridge it comes with. As stated above, there's more to be done to get the most out of computer audio.
I was just curious. The 1072 is an exceptional CD player. Aside from that, have a look at Its a great resource for technical and setup info. However, I wouldn't trust them with issues pertaining to sound quality. Its more computer than audiophile.
Audirvana Plus is a pretty decent package.

Enabling Integer and Direct/Exclusive mode would improve things significantly if you haven't already done it (assuming Integer is supported by the USB interface on the DAC/converter).

A+ also includes a System Optimizer that will disable Spotlight etc which will minimise the background system processes.