Macbook Pro to USB Dac to 3.5mm to XLR balanced


My Dad is a pretty avid user on these forums so he referred me here. I was wondering if this setup would work plugged into active PA speakers. I'm thinking about running my Laptop through my Dragonfly Dac, from there using a 3.5mm to XLR go from the DAC to the speakers. The problem arose because previously I had been going from Ipod to left right RCA on one speaker then linking the speakers with a 1/4 unbalanced speaker cable. They clipped all the time, and volumes were hard to balanced. SQ was also bad because people use a lot of bad mp3 files. Trying to change the input source with the Laptop and use the DAC to boost the signal. Please let me know of any problems this might create, or if it will even work.