Mac vs Primaluna

I recently upgraded from a Primaluna Dialog 2 integrated to a Mcintosh MC402. I am using an old Carver C1 Preamp so I want to upgrade the preamp. My choices are a Mac C220 or C2200 but also maybe a Primaluna Preamp. The reason i look at the Primaluna is the integrated i used worked great with my speakers. Great detail but a small soundstage. I wanted to increase the amplifier size to increase area around the speakers. I am not ruling out the primaluna preamps because i did love the sound. The speakers are Magnepan 1.7s by the way. Anyone out there that has tried between any of these please let me know your personal opinion.
The unbalanced input impedance of the MC402 is 10K ohms, so it will be necessary to use a preamp with an output impedance of less than 1K ohms, 500 would be even better. The Primaluna preamps are 2.5K ohms and 2.8K ohms, just way too high for the MC402. It would be wise to stay away from the Primaluna preamps.
I could not believe that a Mac power amp would have an input impedance of 10k ohms. But I looked it up and it's true. This is outside the norm as most solid state power amps have an input impedance of about 50k ohms (most tube amps about 100K ohms) and with that any Primaluna preamp is perfection.

There is a new PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium preamp that we are just receiving that now uses six 12au7 tubes and a flurry of upgraded parts. I don't have the output impedance yet. I will have it posted to the website in days. You can contact me directly at if you wish. The Mac tube preamps are nice sounding. But I suggest comparing the internals and making up your own mind.