MAC to DAC connectivity

I am waiting delivery of my first dedicated DAC. I decided to try a MHDT Orchid (non oversampling R2R dac). It is on its way from the designer in Taiwan.

Here is my question. My MAC is about 20 cable feet away from my integrated amp. That is longer than a single USB cable can run. SO I believe I have two options:
1) use a USB clarifier/re-clocker like the Wyred 4 Sound Recovery unit. With this I think I could run two 10' USB cables from the MAC to the DAC and get a "better" signal to the DAC.
2) Run a short USB cable into a USB/SPDIF converter like the Schiit Eitr, and then run a longer SPDIF RCA cable to the DAC.

Which option seems to be the smartest of the two? The cost is pretty much the same when I look at all the cabling and hardware options.

I am really new at DAC/MAC solutions so starting from scratch. After I get it set up the next round of questions will be around the options interns of players on the MAC.

Thanks for your input.

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Well whatever you do, you can not run USB cable longer than 10 feet