MAC palldium ic vs. RS cables palladium ic ???

I 'd like to ask if anyone had such an experience or by any chance was able to compare these 2 ic.
As I am not in states it is hard to find out to me .
As always I respect community experience more than a formal review panel ,for obvious reasons.

Txs for any opinion given
and all the best to all
I have no experience with either brand.
I used to make plenty of DIY cables and tried palladium twice, with god connectors, Cardas solder, proper shielding and so on.
I do not care for palladium's sound quality, there is something missing, like an out-of-focus image.
However, I am very picky, I do not like silver either...and the brands you mentioned may have found a better way to use palladium.
I replaced Audioquest King Cobras with RS Audio Silver with eichmann silver connectors, there wasa big improvement. I later replaced the silver IC's with Palladium both MAC and RS. The RS come with Eichmann and the MAC do not. I think I like the RS IC's more, but I dont think they are being made anymore. The MAC Palladiums use to be a lot more, and now have came down to approx $159.00. I think they are a not only a good value but a very good IC. If you can get them with the Eichmann silver bullets, I would spring for the extra cost. Either way I would not have any problem reccomending either RS or MAC Palladiums.
You can experiment by purchasing one pair of MAC and see what you think, then go from there
Hope this helps
forget palladium. buy gold.