Mac or Bluesound Node2i

I am using a MacBook Pro to stream Apple Music to a Bryston BDA 2 Dac via  Cardas  Clear USB cable.  Will a Node 2i streamer improve my sound quality.  Yes I am old.  Pretty much stuck with apple music.  My kids buy me a years subscription every Christmas.  I  purchased the Bryston used and have been pleasantly pleased and happy with the improvement in sound Quality over my old BDA 1. I am a retired high school band director thus pretty good with a Mac and wifi, but  more interested in listening to music than tinkering with equipment.  What say ye.  


You probably won’t like my first recommendation, but I’d suggest dumping Apple Music for either Tidal or Qobuz, hi-res vs 256k bitrate. When I started my streaming journey I started with a MacBook Pro running Audirvana. Briefly tried the Node2i but actually preferred Audirvana, so back went the Node. I’ve since upgraded to a Bel Canto eOne Stream feeding a W4S DAC. In all sincerity though, at least try the free trials of the other services, as that is where you’ll get an upgrade in SQ.
+1 on Qobuz, but not for Tidal which sounds artificial to with overboosted bass and treble to my ears.