MAC Noise

I have a McIntosh 2100 and it has a rushing sound that comes out of both channels when the gain is turned up past the 1/8th mark. Is this normal or do I haved a problem. Does anyone know a good place to get macs serviced that charge a reasonable rate?
Not normal. Check out Not cheap but they are the best and even have former McIntosh engineers doing some consulting/repairs. Arthur
I guess I should clarify my problem some. The rushing sound is only heard when I have the amp idling. It is a barely audible sound kind of like listening to a river flow from a distance with an even less noticable buzz or hum. The sound doesn't increase when I turn the volume up it stays the same and it can't be heard while playing music even low passages.
Not normal - seek a tech. Arthur made a good contact suggestion.
I would send it back to McIntosh they are very reasonable and that would assure you that is leaves them as it did when it was new.
What type of speaker do you use. If they are high efficient, this may be the nature of the beast. I have the same 'problem'. I turn the amp 1/2 way down when I'm listening at low levels and crank it when I'm rocking. The high volume levels mask the hiss that I expeience and I have no problem. I sounds as though you have the same.