mac mx130

I would like to know if a mac mx130 will decode the signal to a least to stereo from a blueray disc player using a blueray disc? will it play the dolby prologic? using analog inputs from a blueray player?
If your intention is to use six channel analog out on the bluray and use the six channel analog inputs on the MX130 then use the processing on the bluray player. If it is a bluray player it should have DTS-mastersound and True Dolby decoding with in. If you use 2 channel analog between the two then the MX130 will deliver pro logic. I owned an MX130 years ago and I think it had a digital in but can't remember if it did Dolby Digital/DTS decoding or not. If it does the logos for DD and DTS are on the faceplate. But I would suspect your bluray would have six channel out. I was trying to sell a Sony ES and it does have the six channel out and onboard processing, so I assume most do. Just run your HDMI direct to the TV and make sure you turn on the analog out in your GUI.