Mac Mini via HDMI to AVR

The new Mac Mini has an HDMI out. If I have my cd's ripped to the mini using ALAC and I connect the HDMI out to my Denon 4310CI AVR it should be able to play the tracks to my speakers using Denons on board DA converters correct? I want to get into a music server based system a little at a time.I already have the AVR .So if I buy a Mac Mini I could get started and later try and external Dac between the mini and my AVR or My 2CH RIG.Anyone have a Mini hooked direct to an AVR? Thanks Gary
Yes you can. I just got a Mac Mini, my Christmas gift. I have it hooked up to my 2 channel for music (toslink) and my Denon 3808 AVR (HDMI) for movies. It works just as you described. The only challenge is that the mini requires that you stipulate where you want the audio sent. It does not output simultaneously. It is easy to make the change in system preferences.
Nieuwen thanks.Can you tell me what you use as a monitor or remote to control the mini? Since you say that the mini needs to be told where to send the audio.So each time you switch between 2CH or AVR you need to go to preferences.I was thinking of an Ipad and a application of some kind.Thanks Gary
Most of the time for audio purposes the remote app (the free one from Apple) on the iPad or iPhone is great. You can use the mini "headless" that way. Otherwise I use the tv that the hdmi (thru the AVR) is connected to. The tv works well as a monitor.
Nieuwen, I like the idea of an ipad for remote.Does the remote App from apple fill the full screen on the ipad? Seems like I read somewhere that it did not but not sure.I all ready have a Macbook and asked my wife if I could screen share she thought so but not sure any way a Laptop is not as slick as an ipad.Thanks Gary
The Apple remote is designed for the iPod, iPhone and a dedicated version for the iPad. Purchase it once and you can have it on all of your devices. The iPad version is terrific, specifically designed for it. I have read about people who use screen share on a laptop to control the mini. So every option you mention is available.