Mac Mini Questions


I'm considering purchasing a mac mini for a music server and had a couple questions maybe some mac folks could answer.

How do you disable the wireless card in the mini (i want to use another wireless card and antenna)? I need to know if this is possible so when I rip cd's itunes will find all the song title info from the internet.

Another question i had is regarding the cd's the mini can accomadate. Can you use the smaller 3 inch and 5 inch cd's with the mini's superdrive? My guess is no but figured i would ask. I have a import collection box set that is all the smaller 3 inch cds. Was wondering what would be the best way to get them onto a mini without purchasing a external drive to do it. Burning them onto a normal cd-r in a lossless format than to the mini? I would be burning it probobly on a pc with windows program than putting that burnt copy into the mini.

You can just turn Airport off which will disable the internal wireless. But why do you want to do that? Airport is one of the very best IMHO.

No, you cannot use 3 inch CD with the superdrive.

I think in your case the faster way to get music from 3 inch CD onto a Mac Mini is to rip them into AIFF or Apple Lossless using iTunes for Windows and than transfer the files to Mac Mini through network connection. If the two machines are not networked together than copy the files onto an USB keychain drive. It beats burning a bunch of CD-Rs.
Buy the newer mac mini with the wireless N instead of adding a wireless adapter.

or you could hook up a external USB CDROM for ripping duties. Don't know if Itunes can rip multiple drives at the same time like a PC.
Please explain a little more fully your question about disabling the wireless function in the Mini and using an external 'card.' Are you planning to use an external wireless router or access point? If it's an external wireless router with ethernet connections you can connect the Mini to it with a cable and turn off the Airport functionality in the Mini. No matter how you connect the Mini to the internet, either wired or wireless, the song information is going to be available.