Mac mini power supplies

I'm very new to computer audio and am building a system. Who's using an external power supply? How much of an improvement can one expect and what do users recommend? Thank you in advance for your comments.
I did a fair amount of research and decided on Mojo audio. Benjamin was great to do business with and I believe allows you to audition. As to how much improvement that is difficult for me to comment on because I still do not have my AQ usb cable. Two things I can comment on that make noticeable improvement are optimizing the mac and upgraded usb cables. Mojo Audio has info on optimizing the mac mini and Computer audiophile also has a lot of info/forums.

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Supplies for Mac Mini have special Requirements because of the fast changing digital load. In order to hear improvements, the supply should have very fast regulation. The Hynes supply that I will be offering soon meets this requirement. I also use the mini and will be evaluating a prototype soon. I hope to use it at the Newport Beach show May 31.

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I have no idea how this sounds but their amps rate very well with reviewers.!accessory/conw

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