mac mini not recording 96khz

I am trying to do 24/96 vinyl transfers using a Behringer SRC2469 as an ADC going into the mini toslink input of a mac mini. I go into Audio midi to set the input to receive 96 khz, but mac automatically reverts the setting to 48 khz. If I connect the output of the Behringer to my Monarchy NM24 via toslink, the Monarchy recognizes the 96 khz with no problem. Any help is appreciated.
What software are you using? Is it set to 24/96?
I tried to use the same behringer device for a to d conversion as well. No matter how I configured it I could not get 96 khz to the mac. I gave up and bought an apogee duet which works perfectly. I never figured out why the behringer would not work with the mac at 96. I wonder if it has to do with the toslink input of the mac. The duet is firewire.
I have Sound Studio 3 recording software. It needs to be set to match Audio Midi or else the recording is distorted. It works fine at 44.1 and 48.
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