Mac Mini - Bel Canto DAC3 - best cabling option

So I posted this exact message over at and got no responses yet so I figured I would try to get a discussion going on the topic here.

I have a Bel Canto DAC3 with a kimber usb cable 1m hooked to my Mac Mini which sits right next to it. As I am wanting to take advantage of the 24/96 capabilities of my dac I would like to look into the optical input. I have tried a cheap plastic toslink cable with the audioquest toslink -> mini adapter. Although I know that other options exist. So has anyone made comparisons with any of these cables such as:

1) van den Hul - The Optocoupler mk. II (mini -> toslink)
---- this option is very appealing to me because I will not have to use the mini to toslink adapter to connect to my mac mini
---- What is this cable made out of though, I have read that glass toslink is the way to go but I can not find out any information about this.

2) Wireworld Supernova 5+
---- I would have to use my adapter with this
---- I know this cable is a glass toslink cable though

Since I dont have any way to try both of these cables in my system without buying them, I am looking for those who have personally tried them.

What can I expect to hear? If I switch from the usb input to one of these toslink cables? Will this be better sound quality in addition to the fact that I can playback 24/96???

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The sampling rate is higher on the toslink cable. Despite what the web site specs say on the dac3 the toslink IS capable of 176k resolution.
That being said the mac mini output is limited to 96k which the bel canto dac3 usb WILL handle.
I do not YET have any sort of high end usb cables, but the supernova 5+ is one of the top toslink cables along with IXOS and Audioquest.

let me know what size toslink you need, I may have an extra IXOS for you.
In straight 44.1 comparing a Belkin Gold USB and a Wireworld SuperNova 5+, I personally prefer the sound of the USB.

That said the Wireworld is a very, very good cable that bested all but one SPDIF cable I compared it with.

Have no idea what an adapter might do to the signal. I suggest you give Wireworld a call and ask them.
I'll prefice the response with my experience is with a minipc. It is virtually identical to the mac mini with the exception that it is a pc. I used the van den hul cable to my dac 3. It is a glass cable.

I recently purchased the 24/96 usb link from Bel Canto. It made a huge audible difference. Smoother and way more listenable.

Also, you should know that each type of input is on it's on card, with caps that need breakin. So if your Dac 3 is broken-in on the toslink input, and you change to something else, you should go through a breakin cycle on that input also. You will likely notice a difference (depending on how resolving your system is).

One other thing. I was using a Transparent Ultra XL balanced cable into a Krell 400xi integrated amp. I changed that out to an MIT Magnum MA balanced cable. I went from thinking i had to bail on my Krell, to being able to live with it until i can upgrade to a decent pre.

This computer front end thing is a fun journey.

:-) good luck..

oh one other thing (and i hate to actually even write this) The dudes at Bel Canto actually liked the Monster cable USB cable the best of the ones they tested.
I use an opticis usb cable with a power adapter to run 30ft. I thought it sounded better then the 30ft glass toslink I tried. I too just recently got the Bel Canto usb Link, and could not be happier. I had a 30 day return policy with it, but knew I was keeping it about half way through the second song. Better in every way, highly recommended, if you are using the USB input that is.
The dudes at Bel Canto actually liked the Monster cable USB cable the best of the ones they tested.
Yeah, I heard that is what they told me too I just couldn't pull myself to do it.

Well maybe i'll just pick up both of the cables I am looking at, I can always sell the ones I don't want. When that happens I'll post my findings.