Mac Mini + 5.1 Processor + Butler TDB 5150 + Logan

Hi, I'd like to hook up the new Mac Mini (HDMI and mini display outputs) to a 5.1 processor, which is then hooked up to Butler 5150 (5 channel RCA inputs) and then on to my Martin Logan Aerius-i speakers. I download movies and I like the tube sound. I'm not sure how to go about hooking these components up because there's a mix of analog and digital input/outputs. I'm not sure if I can use the Mac's mini display output for the TV, and then use the HDMI output for only audio. I don't have a 5.1 processor yet, but it would need to have 5 channel RCA output and I guess HDMI input. Can someone recommend a setup and possibly a 5.1 processor?
AVS Forum has boards dedicated to home theater computer and for digital media servers and streamers. You'll likely find your answers there.
I wasn't sure where to look, but I found out the Mac Mini's 1/8" digital output can use the optical cable with adapter, then it can hook up to a processor. There doesn't seem to be a optical to rca cable so I can forego the processor, but seems to be a necessary evil hehe.
You have a lot of options, and all are relatively easy. But first:

1) How many speakers do you have? Sounds like 2. Planning on adding more?

2) Do you have a sub? Planning on adding one?

3) Planning on adding a Blu-ray player to your system?

4) Presumably your TV has an HDMI input, correct?

Hi Dave,to answer your questions:

1) I have 5 speakers but not planning on adding more.
2) I have a sub that uses coaxial cable
3) Nope no bluray, I play only mkv HD movies
4) I have a TV with multiple HDMI inputs

My preference would be to not buy a processor or receiver, and just use decoding off the Mac Mini using Media Player Classic or VLC or other. But it seems I need to have an external decoder since I can connect multiple sources such as computer, xbox, pvr. I thought about getting the NAD M15 processor. The problem I read is that the HDMI on it doesn't carry audio. If I get an El Cheapo receiver, would it use a lot of power even though I don't plan on powering speakers through it?
Thanks for the info Smurfmand. You will definitely need to get a processor to run 5 speakers with a sub. You can also get a receiver to use as a processor, but make sure it has pre-outs so you can use your Butler amp (most of the really cheap receivers do not have pre-outs). I don't think a receiver will use much more power than a processor if you are not using its amps.

Regarding HDMI audio, most newer processors/receivers have HDMI that handles audio, but I don't specifically know about the NAD M15. If whatever processor you get truly does not support HDMI audio, you will have to connect the Mac Mini to the processor via a optical Toslink cable (mini Toslink on the Mac side, and regular Toslink on the processor side).

You have a lot of options for processors-- they don't necessarily have to have HDMI as your TV has multiple HDMI inputs. An important consideration is how important 2-channel music is to you in this system.