Mac MA2275 versus Jadis DA60

Hello all. Would those who have experience with both please compare/contrast the two? I am not only interested in sonics, but such things as build quality, reliability, and technical support as well. Thanks in advance for your replies.

Happy Listening!
On reliabilty and technical support grounds alone, I think the answer is pretty obvious. MAC is one of the best in the world. On sonics I leave that to others since I've not heard the DA60.
This is something I'd like to know too. I own the MA2275 and it is great, with a smooth and controlled bass and good separation. A joy to listen to and a very "complete" integrated amp, user friendly, riaa, bass/treble adjustments, many inputs and outputs etc. I have heard the Jadis Orchestra Reference and it is very different from the Mac sound. It focuses much more on the midrange but lacks bass control. That is why I'm wondering about the Jadis DA60.
Egoben, what speakers were you listening to wit hthe Orchestra when you felt the bass control was lacking?
Hello Gamecock, I have a Mac 2275 in a second system driving a pair of AR3s and it is wonderful. Go on my personal information and drop me an e-mail with your telephone number and I will call you and we can discuss it. I live in SC.
OP may have made a move by now, the original question was asked 3 years ago.
I am using Dynaudio Focus 160. I know, they are hard to drive, even using a powerful solid state. But the lack in bass control with the JOR was very prominent. The amplifier is lovely in every other way, and looks good aswell, but still, it still lacks some punch when listening to rock.

I know this thread is old but it is of big interest to me.
Not at all suprising you would be dissapointed in bass perfomance with that matchup - I don't think the bass performance you were hearing is an inherent quality of the amp, but of that particular pairing - for that speaker it seems you would need current to really drive and control it, not sure the DA60 would be ideal either, though better. I would get a 100 (or more) SS integrated to drive that speaker (86db, 4ohm and probably quite a bit less than that in the bass region - not ideal for 35 watt tube amps).
Thanks Pubul57! I also think it's not a perfect match for my speakers. But when I got the Dynaudio speakers I owned a 2x100 watt Rotel amp. After that I was hooked by the "tube sound" and got myself a MA2275, a great amplifier with a lovely smooth sound, just a tiny bit underpowered for my hard-to-drive speakers. I have listened them using a Parasound power amplifier, 2x250 watt, and I wasn't impressed. The music didn't affect me like when listening using Jadis or Mac.

The MA2275 is great, but I'm still interested in getting a Jadis because of the superior midrange, almost like magic. And I am not one of those who believe it's just a glorification of the sound. I go to concerts several times each month, have done so for the last 12-13 years, and I play music myself. The sound from a tube amp is, to me, more "real" than what comes from a solid state amp. At least when it comes to the music I listen to, which is rock in different ways. (Not techno, which is more of a SS genre.)

When, and if, I'm getting a Jadis, I wan't it be "future safe", either if I keep my current speakers or if I get something else, which I might do. It's hard to find speakers that are easy to drive. And I really like the Dynaudio sound, it's big, smooth, a joy to listen to. I will try a few other brands. I already tried ProAc D28 (8ohm, 89db) with 2x75 McIntosh tubes and the bas was indeed more controlled than with my Dynaudio speakers, but the difference wasn't huge. And the smaller Dynaudios had deeper bass and a more smooth very delightful sound. The ProAcs where more crisp, more clear and open though. I liked ProAc a lot, but they twice as expensive!

So, any recommendations for me? I don't wan't to get huge Jadis power amplifiers, I just don't have the space. :-)