Mac MA2275 users, opinions

I need an intergrated. I'm thinking Mac Ma6500, MA6900, or most interested in the MA2275. Anyone compare them? Opinions. I would realy like to hear from MA2275 users. If you would, focus on the phono sections. Thanks.
Used to own the 6900. Sold it to buy the 2275. Found the 2275 more musical and satisfying, the 6900 less involving. Didn't need the extra power of the 6900. The 2275 sounds even better with tube rolling the small tubes. The 2275 is a combination of the 275 IV and the C2200, both wonderful in their own right. Have not compared the phono sections. Unless you need the extra power or like lots of rock music, get the 2275.
Oh yes, in addition, the 2275 has LED illumination rather than those annoying archaic little bulbs which often burn out and are a pain to replace oneself.
Thanks, Rgurney. Very helpfull. Can anyone comment on the phono sections?
i have the same question about ma6900 or 2275, called mcintosh tech and was told to buy ma6900. what is the pro and con of each. if you know please help. thanks
just curious, why did Mcintosh tell you to get the 6900 over the 2275 ??
Excellent question. I was wondering the same thing. I went to Lyric Hifi and did A/B comparisons. As much as I wanted a SS, the 2275 sounded way better. There are two main drawbacks though. The 2275 didn't handle as well lots of complicated passages with many instruments - it has higher distorsion than the 6900 - in addition, the 2275 has a 75 Watt max. It all boils down to what do you want it for. With not very sensitive speakers, try the 6900 - but be aware the warmth is gone. Opera? I would go with separates. Jazz, soft rock...? You can't beat the 2275. It's the best integrated amp I have ever listened to.
Knowing how pragmatic McIntosh can be, I would say they figured if you didn't know whether to get a 6900 or a 2275, you probabaly don't know the difference between 200W and 75W either. As Josep said above, you can't use the 2275 for just any speaker/room like you can the 6900. Saying you should get the 6900 is the more versatile answer and least likely to cause tubes to get cooked by someone who didn't realize what they were getting into.
MA2275 and Von Schweikert VR4 Gen III HSE (89db/1w/1m...6ohm nominal, dipping to 3ohm).

Miles Davis to Metallica.

Good match or not?