MAC HC vs. Iego L70530 vs. AudioQuest AC15 p/c

Has anyone compared any combinations of MAC HC, Iego L70530+8055CT, and AudioQuest AC15 H/W power cables? The Iego is a bit more expensive, but it appears to be favorable to several power cables carrying much higher price tags. Thanks for any input.
Try the Tube Audio Design Iron Lung Jellyfish cord. I like it better than the MAC HC, Signal Magic PC, and Black Sand Violet Z1 (which is a $350.00 PC). For the life of me, I can't figure out why they don't get more praise on this forum. They are outstanding for the money. For $30.00, what do you have to lose? As always, just my opinion, and YMMV.
Thanks Mekong56, I will check into it.
I have various versions of the Iego and recommend it highly. Very transparent, smooth, analog-like with more subtlety and colors than many other cables I've tried.