Mac dvd-r s which dvd player will play back?

I have read alot about this and am ready to buy the g4 with the super dvd r drive. I want to get into the music download and make my own cd's audio and also dvd's of the family 8mm tapes. I like used equipment and this unit will go in the family room. I really want to know if the pioneer 05 will do this, I think it will play cd'r but dont know about dvd's recorded on the mac. Will cd'rs play on my meridian 506.20?
The Super Drive in the new G4 Apple Macintosh is absolutely compatible with home DVD players like the Pioneer. In fact, Apple contracts Pioneer to build this particular drive for them.

There are a few home DVD players that have problems with CD's burned from computers, regardless if Mac or Windows machines. Several threads here at Audiogon have covered this topic. You should look these up to gain insight from many Audiogoner's experiences.

The only other issue with recording 8 MM tapes to DVD is the conversion to digital. If your home movies are analog, you must buy an analog to digital converter before feeding it into the G4 Mac. Several companies offer these at less than $200.00.

If your 8 MM tape library is extensive, consider that for every 10 minutes of DVD burn, a Gigabyte of hard disk space is required. The new Apple G4 with a 80 GB hard drive should burn feature length DVD's in a single pass.

If you make this purchase, I hope you will return to this thread and post your experiences. I am especially interested in knowing about image quality.
Ahh, this is a great thread. As an audiophile and die-hard Mac professional/enthusiast this has special interest for me. I make my living as a Photoshop geek everyday and sit down to enjoy my music system at night, so this is a great blend of my passions.

Kelton, I look forward to your report. And Albert, thanks for your knowledgeable reply.
as yet another long-time mac enthusiast, i, too, shall look forward to a future report by kelton. i'd also be interesting in learning what software albert, gubei and other macaholics use for burning cdr's and if you've found any decent monitors to connect to your soundcards. -kelly
Alright Cornfedboy!

It's funny, I've always viewed these two passions as being separate, but with the advent of applications such as Toast, iTunes and iDVD it seems the bridge has been gapped.

A friend of mine who produces a few bands is currently mixing his latest CD on his G4 using Pro Tools. After spending many years in professional studios he's amazed at what can be accomplished in his basement office at a fraction of the cost. He's got his Mac hooked up to a pair of Genelec powered monitors.

The extent of my Mac/music experience is burning "best of" CDs from my collection at home for use at work and in the car. On the job I've found Toast to be very reliable when creating data disks, and use it for all my music CDs as well. The ability to extract music files and insert different time gaps between songs helps too.

What do you folks think of the sound quality of these CD-Rs on your high end systems?