Mac C500 vs C1000

Has anyone compared the tubed versions of McIntosh's top preamps?
Go over to the McIntosh forum of AudioKarma. Either do a search of the archives or post your question over there. You will get a lot of good information.
It's the same. Only the phono section is different and the front panels.
Lapierre, I was told the phono sections were identical.....same specs and tubes
I believe. Is there a sonic difference? There's an 8k price differential; did you
find the line stages to sound identical?
Humm...I know the line stages are identical because I asked and received written email from MC.

But I thought the phono sections where different. I will check with my friend who has the C1000.
There must be SOME reason for the additional 8,000 clams??
The circuitry needed to allow the C1000 to be used with the solid state and tube
chassis simultaneously is certainly very expensive and may be the sole expense
for the 8K differential....the C500 cannot be used in that manner, only one or
the other. It seems kind of outlandish to pay an additional 8k to have the ability to pay another 10K!
Has anyone actually listened to both the Mac C500 and C1000?
Lula I have not. I just spoke to friend that has the C1000.

I replaced the tubes in my C500 and we compared notes.