Mac C2300 vs Aesthetix Calypso/Rhea?

I currently have an Aesthetix Calypso line stage and Rhea Phone stage for my system (Infinity RS !B's/Mac 275's (2)/TWR Raven AC-Triplaner-Dynavector VS1s) and love the sound. I truly love my Aesthetix but am curious about the Mac C2300 pre amp. The idea of one component rather then two is appealing and ohhhh those Mac blue meters!
I plan to borough a C2300 but I'd be interested to hear form anyone other there would has anything to say about the Mac, Aesthetix and thing my thought are sensible or I'm just out of my mind.

Thanks Rick
Your out of your mind. The C2300 would be a step down. Trust me I've owned both. The C2300 is not even truly balanced. Those XLR jacks are just for looks I guess. Not sure why you would put XLR jack if they are not truly balanced.

Aesthetix is very very good. You can't beat them until you get up into the $10,000 range.

Buy some nice tubes for the Aesthetix's instead.
Thanks Mtdking for your honesty and openness. Just to let you know I do not use balanced cables in my current system. Only RCA.

Rick that is a good question.

My audition lead me to several Pre Amps including Shindo, Aesthetix's, C2300 and McIntosh C46 which I ended up buying. But I could have easily bought the Aesthetix's and tweaked with upgraded tubes and fuses. Within a year, I ended up buying the C500 after listening to C1000.

My observation is I don't know if the C2300 is going to be significantly better than Aesthetix's combo. I do suggest investing in higher quality tubes for Calypso and Rhea as I did for the C500.

Keep the Asetheti'x combo unless your going to move up to C500 or Callisto Eclipse.
I had the Calypso and replaced it with the PS Audio PCA-2 with outboard PS which is better IMO. I would like to hear the C2300 myself.
You must really have a thing for blue lights.

I have the Calypso/Rhea combo and wouldn't take that C2300 if you gave it
to me. I guess I could always sell it though :-)

Edit: Come to think about it, the Aesthetix gear already has blue lights.
Wrong shade? No meters though.
I like the blue light theme. I have a Rhea but a Bat VK51SE linestage. A beautiful combination in my opinion. Also blue lights on both.!!!!!!! I also own a pair of Mac MC 501's which are in my second system. The C2300 is ok but not in league with the Rhea and Bat combo
These are all good comments...keep them coming! Yes, I love the blue lights on the Mac's, they're very stunning. Although I didn't succumb to the blue light only when I purchased my Mac amps....the MC275's are bare bones. No light at all!

The other reason I am thinking about the Mac C2300 is the real estate. Less room with the Mac vs the Aesthetix.

Keep 'em coming!!!

Yes the retro looks of McIntosh.
I recently picked up a used McIntosh C2300 for reasons of just to own one.

My time with the Mac is limited, first thing I noticed upon first few hours of listening is that it's next to silent in operation with very low distortion, decent remote with phono adjustments on the fly, built quality is very good.
So far I like it especially the LOOKS of it.
The c2300 is not my main preamp however I could live with it.
Borrow one and give it a listen.

There are better and there are worse for the money.