Mac C2200 Vs Supratek Chardonnay/Syrah line-stage

Has anyone compared the line stages(preferably with CD as source) of the Mac C2200 Vs Supratek Chardonnay or syrah. I am really interested to know the outcome. Which is better.

Thanks in advance,
If your just using the cd as a source why not forget about a preamp and get a cdplayer with volume controls. You will get much better sound for a lot less money. Audio aero cdplayer would be a suggestion
Snook2's idea is good, but it's not the route I preferred. To each his own. I had an Opus 21 CDP that could run direct. I tried both variations and preferred using a preamp to running direct. The direct route was more transparent, but including the preamp made it more dynamic, musical and enjoyable. There have been a number of discussions on this board on using or not using a preamp.

The C2200 is a great preamp. I have not heard a Supratek. If you have access to it Hifi+ recently reviewed the C2200 and loved it. I actually use some of the features on the C2200, like the mono switch for older recordings.
I have not heard the Mac, but I cannot imagine that a Mac would ever be better. The Syrah is very good, especially its phono stage, which you don't need. Actually my advise is neither but do use an active line stage.