Mac C2200 owners........hi pitch noise problem

I have a C2200 Preamp which was purchased approx. 1 year ago.

Recently, I notice that the preamp produces a high frequency noise, sort of sounds like a "Weeeeeee Weeeeeee Weeeeee" noise. The noise is not in the audio chain at all, it is coming directly from the preamp unit. It is not very loud, but if you put your head near the unit, you can hear it. It is not constant, but comes and goes.

I have tried tube rolling, but it doesnt help.

I have posted on other forums about this, and have received emails from several C2200 owners who has the same problem.

Comments if any will be much appreciated, especially from owners of C2200 with the same problem as I'm having.

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hmmmmmm,quite the strange symptom,my c2200 runs dead quiet,i wonder if you have a bad tube,you can swap the preamp tubes with the phono tubes in the c2200 to find out.

Try The mcintosh forum at Terry Dewickt and Ron C. of McIntosh hang out there.Either one of them should be able to help you.