Mac C220 vs. Cary Audio SLP 98P

I am thinking of selling my Mac C220 to purchase a Cary Audio SLP 98P. I have read and heard nothing but good things about the Cary and what a difference the addition of it has made in some systems. I must stay in the $4000.00 range and wonder if anyone has had the opportunity to hear these wonderful tube preamps, side by side? I have nothing bad to say about my Mac, I am just another obsessive compulsive hi-fi wacko and an looking for a change after about 4 years. Any observations will be welcome.
I had a C2200 before I bought the Cary SLP98p F-1 version, and I have never been sorry that I switched. I liked the Mac quite a bit, and in some ways it's easier to use, but I like the sound of the Cary more. It is definitely more "tube"-like. Warmer, fuller, not better actually, just different. If you are looking for more warmth in your system, I wholeheartedly recommend it.
Thank you Mac and thats exactly what I am looking for. I am coupled with a Mac Mc275 and love Mac also, but you have substantiated what I have heard about the Cary. My reluctance was with the Cary not having any tone control, like the 220'w bass and treble controls, but I can learn to live with that also, if he sound of the Cary is what i have heard it is.
This is of interest to me as well. I have a C220 and just bought a Rocket 88R F1. The C220 has a lot of bang for the buck, but I am so impressed with the Cary that I'm seriously considering one of their preamps. I wonder how the phone stages would compare?
I can tell you Stereomaniac that i have read very good reviews about the Cary's phono stage, so long as the cartridge is high output M/C or M/M. I am hoping this is so. My next question, if you can answer this Macdad, can I use the Cary to bi-amp? I use my Mac275 to power my Janzens esl tweeters and a Adcom GFA-555 to power my JBL LE15A woofers. I know it has two amplifier outputs, will these work together to bi-amp. This may be a very basic question, but I am not very sophisticated from the electronics end of hi-fi.
If it has two outputs you can bi-amp with it. If it didn't you could use Y cables.
I used to own the Cary 98P. It drove my Mac 2102's easily.
Great sounding pre amp and in the tube like category Met mentioned. I preferred by a long shot to the VTL 7.5.

I was not impressed by the MM phono stage thou. I thought compared to the line stage a bit grainy and thin.

I would go for the line stage and buy a seperate phono.

Thanks Downunder. Fortunately, then, I already have an EAR834P, since I am using low OP carts and am very satisfied with the sound. I did like the MM phono stage on the Mac.
The Cary's phono stage is better than the Mac's, at least on the C2200 that I had. But I have a seperate phono pre now also, since I have a LO cartridge as well.

The VTL is a sweet preamp, but much more expensive. In that price range I would move to the higher end Cary SLP-05 or the ARC Ref3 (sorry, I don't like the new Ref5 as well).
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the Cary is a great piece, but definitely is warm. it has sins of omission than commission if that makes sense---it will not be as detailed as other preamps.

i've owned it twice actually, so very familiar with it. may try a C2200 very soon though. the C2200 from what i gather is a hair warm, but not overtly so.
I thought the phono section of the C2200 sounded very bright, and lacked depth, comparatively. I don't remember the C2200 be much more expensive than a loaded out SLP98 F-1 either.

I did really like the C2200, I just like the Cary better, and still do. I would buy the C2200 again, but I would keep my current phono stage and not use the one on the
Mac again.