MAC c-2300 vs. AR ph5 or 7?

have a ht system with mac 207 and mx 135 and want to improve 2 channel perf. for 50's jazz vinyl-not happy with the phono section in the 135 and want tubes in the phono section--anybody with thoughts/ experience with c-2300 or ph 5 or ph 7 ---would use it in pass through mode into 135- thanks for the help-b
I own a C2300 and all I can say that it's phono section is exceptional/marvelous & first rate. I have not compared it with an ARC. There is a thread on audiokarma regarding your exact question & suggest you go there for further info. I don't want to cut/paste the comparison from someone else onto this thread.
The comparison of other brands is impressive.
The MC stage in the C2300 is competitive with the PH7, except that it has more gain, so will be more compatible with LOMC's.