Mac C 22 down, need advice

Hello everybody, your advice will be very much appreciated. I have new version of Macintosh C22 preamp. Today when I was turning it on, I found that red standby light is off and I cannot turn it on. First thing I checked if it's properly connected to the outlet. Yes it is. So what kind of problem it can be? The fuse? How can I check it out? Thanx in advance friends.
Have you checked to make sure that there power to the outlet?  That half of the outlet isn't controled by a wall switch? (actuallty had the last one happen once).

I would recommend looking in the Mac manual.  It should have a quick trouble shooting guide.  If all checks out, then send it off to Mac.  There servicd is superb and superfast.  It will come back healthy and in spec as Mac will check everything once they have it.

Try unplugging from the wall outlet overnight. Turning it off isn't enough. Good luck...
Outlet is fine, but thanx anyway.

I use a C2500 pre and it has a "Stand By" mode. With my pre,  some internal components remain powered 24/7.  Completely powering down the unit may "re-set" the device and really has nothing to do with the outlet.

check if there are outboard fuses usually near the AC power cord.

If not, they're internal and must be checked under the cover. As a matter of fact, the power fuses are usually next to AC power portion of the unit. If fuse is transparent, you can see that thin conductor is torn, or burnt. If fuse is ceramic and not transparent, you may need to use continuity tester. In fact even transparent ones you don't see conductor defect won't hurt to test for continuity.