Mac / Airport Express question

Would this be a good / workable signal chain?
IMac to Airport express to Toslink to DA section of a CA840c to rest of system via balanced?
I would use Itunes/ Apple lossles. I read in some of the helps that the Airport Express transmits in Apple Lossless, anyway.
I'll be out of the Windows 'business' in a few weeks. forever.
Yes, that should work. I currently run a similar setup: IMac to Airport Express to Empirical Audio Pace-Car 2 to the DA section of my Audio Aero Capitol CDP.

The Empirical Audio Pace-Car 2 reclocks the signal and removes all jitter. See Empirical Audio's website for more info on the Pace Car / AE combo.

Let me know if you are interested in purchasing my Pace Car 2 & Airport Express. I bought it new from Empirical Audio last November. Between my new tuner (Magnum Dynalab MD-108) and my recently retubed Audio Aero CDP, I don't listen much to computer audio.
Yeah, I second that; I too have an iMac with iTunes streaming to an Airport Express. The AE is fed via toslink to either my processor or my DAC, where both feed balanced to my power amp. Not quite as resolving as my transport as a source. Nonetheless, it is a very fine setup for everyday use. I use my transport for critical listening, though.
What does the Pace Car do exactly? That is, to the sound quality?
Sorry, Pdreher, No can do! Just shot 2 years worth of 'optional' money on a new IMac.....the last (better be!) computer I'll ever need.
My stereo had remained unchanged for about 20 years+, until late '07, I even still had my original / rebuilt@factory Magnepan MG-1s......late 70s vintage.
So, I'm not an equipment changer, though everything in my current stereo is new, or new to me.

The plan is to use the IMac as a giant IPod to the stereo.
By the way, as near as I can figger, all reclocking removes jitter from the previous step and introduces jitter of its own. I've worked at a facility which manufactured low frequency quartz oscillators...from raw, quartz crystal and can assure you, jitter is present in all digitally clocked circuits..but I WILL go check out the Pace Car stuff...
Ericj - I can't speak to the difference in sound quality of the Airport Expess with & without the Pace-Car 2, as the DAC section of my CDP will not accept toslink inputs direct from the Airport Express... it only accepts SP/DIF .