Mac / Airport Express question

Would this be a good / workable signal chain?
IMac to Airport express to Toslink to DA section of a CA840c to rest of system via balanced?
I would use Itunes/ Apple lossles. I read in some of the helps that the Airport Express transmits in Apple Lossless, anyway.
I'll be out of the Windows 'business' in a few weeks. forever.
Yes, that should work. I currently run a similar setup: IMac to Airport Express to Empirical Audio Pace-Car 2 to the DA section of my Audio Aero Capitol CDP.

The Empirical Audio Pace-Car 2 reclocks the signal and removes all jitter. See Empirical Audio's website for more info on the Pace Car / AE combo.

Let me know if you are interested in purchasing my Pace Car 2 & Airport Express. I bought it new from Empirical Audio last November. Between my new tuner (Magnum Dynalab MD-108) and my recently retubed Audio Aero CDP, I don't listen much to computer audio.
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Sorry, Pdreher, No can do! Just shot 2 years worth of 'optional' money on a new IMac.....the last (better be!) computer I'll ever need.
My stereo had remained unchanged for about 20 years+, until late '07, I even still had my original / rebuilt@factory Magnepan MG-1s......late 70s vintage.
So, I'm not an equipment changer, though everything in my current stereo is new, or new to me.

The plan is to use the IMac as a giant IPod to the stereo.
By the way, as near as I can figger, all reclocking removes jitter from the previous step and introduces jitter of its own. I've worked at a facility which manufactured low frequency quartz oscillators...from raw, quartz crystal and can assure you, jitter is present in all digitally clocked circuits..but I WILL go check out the Pace Car stuff...
Ericj - I can't speak to the difference in sound quality of the Airport Expess with & without the Pace-Car 2, as the DAC section of my CDP will not accept toslink inputs direct from the Airport Express... it only accepts SP/DIF .