Mac 402 vs 6900

Has anyone compared those two? Is 402 faster and gives more slam then MA 6900 integrated? I have 6900 powering Thiels 2.3 and I wish it could be more snappy and crystaline. The bass does not kick so much also.
The MAC will be a little slower in the bass region than what we typically hear in solid state. McIntosh is sweeter and smoother in other areas, but seems a little slower. MAC rates their gear into four ohms too which can give one an incorrect assumption as to the overall power, since most amps are rated into 8ohms. Speakers are reactive rather than resistive though, so matching of Speakers and amps are critical. Overall, how do you like the sound? Other than the "kick" in the bass are you pleased? Also, room placement etc all plays into this. I worked for THIEL and attended McMasters Training, so I know these products, so if I can help, you can privately email me
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Larry R. Staples
I also have 2.3's and am in the process of purchasing either the 6900 interg ,402, or 501. Not sure if I'll go with a pre or drive directly from a Wadia cd. Hopefully some one responds to Lrskys question. Power requirements vs. sound quallity, not volumn is my delima.
The 402 is supposed to be a little faster - like the 602 from what I hear - but I'd say that it will still have McIntosh sound (hopefully). My buddy loves his Thiels but he complains about how each inch he moves them, the sound changes (he uses McIntosh MC300 amp). You may want to experiment with yours. His bass changes drastically with placement. I have heard the 6900 shake walls (on Dynaudio speakers - forgot the model but they were really big) so you may simply have a suckout problem. good luck. Arthur
By adding the MC402 you'll get a more dynamic sound than from the 6900. You're adding 200 more watts of power so it'll be able to control you're speakers a lot better....On a side not Lrsky on the 402 and 6900 they have doesn't matter what ohm load you spec it out at ...2,4,8 they're all 200w on the 6900 or 400w on the 402
I recently upgraded from a McIntosh MA6500 integrated, which sonically is close enough to a MA 6900, to a C200 preamp-MC402 amp-combination. Speakers are Shahinian Diapason, very power-hungry speakers if they are to show their best. For a couple of months i ran the C200 to the power amp-section of the MA6500 power amp section. Last to arrive was the MC402, and I can assure you the difference was not only noticable, but huge - especially as far as bass control was concerned. in addition, you'll get a huger, better defined soundstage, even better voices, more air around voices and instruments, and other improvements. Having said that, I'd like to add that the difference after changing the preamp was at least even more significant than of the power amp.
Hassel, Did you ever compare the Mcintosh C200 and MC402 to the C2200 and/or MC2102? I'm curious how these compare (tube vs SS).
I only compared the C200 to the C2200, the C42 and the preamp-section of my MA6500. The C200 was the best of all, in all regards. It sounded as tube-like natural as the C2200, but had more authority, more drive, better bass than the C2200 when it came to dynamic pop-music (Eminem)and large orchestral music. The difference was noticable, but small, if you think that the C2200 costs 4500 $, and the C200 7000 $. I bought it because I had the possibility to get a model that was only used for a few months, with a large discount.
Well that might be something obvious for all expierienced audiophiles but I found it just now...
The power cord delivered with MAC had wrong polarity i.e MA 6900 worked on wrong polarity. I changed it and now everything is much, much better. I had muddy sound no attacks and no detail. Everything was veiled. Now it is a different story. Bass speeded-up and got energy, highs opened-up and veils dropped. I am stunned to hear those effects. Never thought it was possible. I am a happy man now. However I still feel there is a room for improvement in bass erea (even more slam and control). But I don't know maybe I am looking for impessive sounds that are not natural? And would wear me out eventualy
bunkeromantik, How did you ever find the polarity problem. I may be leaning towards the ma6900 again. My listening room is rather small , therefore 200 w/side is all I'll need. You did mention that the bass does not have the wanted impact. Do you think higher wattage is an answer?
I'am not sure how a power cord has wrong polarity. How did you find this out?? Arthur
This is simple but you got to have special "pen" that indicates with neon-light when you touch hot lead. That is how you do it. Looking stright at the amplifier plug with ground lead on top on the right is hot lead. I had it wrong on my power cord.