Mac 402 vs. 275

I know that this is a little little comparing Fuji apples with Granny Smith but I would like to hear from people who have directly compared the Mac 402 and the 275 amp. My McIntosh dealer currently has me demoing the 402 and I hope to post a report this weekend. He will also get in the 2102 and/or 275 for me to try as well. Prior to putting him through all that trouble I thought I would do some homework. My initial reaction from the 402 is, "Boy is this nice, yet my little Belles Reference 150A is really not much different". My system is posted. Thanks for your input. David
save yourself..and your back...keep the belles
The Belles is a mighty fine SS amp; if you are looking for something different, you are more likely to find it with the 275, not the 402.
Not sure of the specs of the Anniversary Edition but if it's like the Specials at 4 ohm and 88 dB, I'm not so sure that the tube amp will drive the all that well.
I did not noitce that the Dynaudios were the speakers being used; your right, I would stick to SS to drive those speakers; unless they have a very smooth impedance curve, even with 4ohms - but certainly trickier for tubes.