Mac 252, 353, 402?

HI -- I've been mulling over these amps and was just wondering if someone out there has had experience with all three. They will be driving a set of Harbeth Monitor 30s (not the most efficient things in the world).

I was initially driven toward a MA-2275 (that's what started the whole mac madness) but, alas, with little children around, my house is not the most tube-friendly environment.

Ideas, thoughts?
what about their ss int amps the 6500 or the 6900. Have you heard those ?? Their amps are great but it depends on the preamp too, I have a 252 with a c46, they are excellent together.
I own the 352 and have considered and auditioned the 402. The 402 is a 352 with more power and LED lighting. I listened to the 252 but it doesn't have the dual differential output design that the 352 and 402 have, therefore the noise floor is not as quiet. Although the 252 is a great amp I decided to not purchase it yet. The dual differential design is called that for the 402 but in the 352 they had named it double balanced output, but the boys as Mc insured me it is the same path but they wanted a new name for the newer design 402. I would go with the 402 just from the basis of more power, no bulb replacement ( a hassle to avoid if possible) and the 1/2" glass front.
Well, here's what I can't help but wondering -- driving a set of monitor speakers (85db, recommended amp 50-150 watts, max 100 watts continuous)...isn't the 402 or even the 352 a LOT of overkill? More money for unneeded watts? Especially when we're talking about moderate listening levels?
85db speakers can suck dry alot of amps quickly, I use my mac gear with 89db and 90 db speakers,works great,also use it on my khorns,also works great.
Agree. Get a 352 or 402 and dont look back.
Can you guys recommend some non-mac pre-amps (line stage) that could be good matches (balanced, etc.)

Listened -- and viewed, with an emphasis on viewed -- a 402 today for the third time. Really, this is the sort of thing you buy and then take to the grave. Incredible.
I usually see good prices on Classe pre's on the gon, and they are truly balanced.
I have a Classe CP50 with my McIntosh amp and man is it excellent. I love that preamp - and it sounds better than the newer 47.5 and goes for the same money. Arthur
I have a new C2200 and will be drivind proac sc-1's or D1.5"s. Am torn between 2102,275 or 352.

Any thoughts out there?
Efner, I have a new C2200 also and got a 275. Planning to add another 275 and run as monos. For only a couple hundred more than a 2102 a pair of 275's seems like a lot more bang for the buck.
There is talk in AA about how monoblocked 275s are much better than a 2102 so you may be on the right track.
Sounds like the 275 is the way to go.I'd have a good upgrade path.
Any thoughts about the 275,c2200 combo with the proac One sc's
I'm now Drivind g my new 1sc's with the new 275 and my c2200.

A great combination!!!!!!!!!!

Did you consider the MA-2275?