Mac 2200 pre amp problems-quirks------

mac pre amp problems have been in
these units for some time, does anyone
know if the company has address'd or
inprove these problems,,or input on
your issues?????
What are the problems?
This is a great unit with no issues. It sounds great,
Smooth detailed and relaxed. There are so many inputs and outputs. The Headphone amp and mini jack do not sound that great. I use an outboard Musical Fidelity v-3 or Grado for State of the art Headphone sound.

This unit is a steal at the current used pricing

From what I have read Mac has addressed the headphone issue in the 2300 and added the LED lighting feature. But the Price difference of $ 1,000.00 plus right now is not worth it in my opinion.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

I would highly reccomend this unit and I plan to keep mine with the matching Mac tuner for a long time. Unless I hit lotto or go insane and then I might try an ARC Reference 3