MA6500 - Static ?!?

Just took the 6500 out of the closet after 3 years?  Plug it in . . CD1 (Sony 300 changer) and CD2 (Mc MB50 . . streaming Spotify) both full of static !

Didn’t give the 6500 any warm up . . it has been in our bedroom closet so was warm. Just connected everything and played. 

Will warm up help or do I need something internal replaced (no electrical knowledge)?  Was playing my MA252 immediately before and all was perfect. 

Helpful suggestions please? Problem? Cure?




Is the static coming from both speakers?  Is it only when you operate the volume control?  Is everything connected properly and connections tight?

Yes, both speakers. All interconnects tight.

Just reconnected the MA252 again. No static. 

And, the MA252 is a nightingale compared to the MA6500 which comes on harsh and rude. The difference could not be more clear. 

MA6500 going to the shop soon, I guess. 

Oops, no static in volume knob and indiscernible at low volume. But louder is clearly static ridden. 

Thanks again.