MA RS6 & Jolida? Someone gives me right direction.

I'm a Pure newbie to this world.
I just got approval from my wife to spend around 2K+ for my small living room.

I will need simple stereo setup : Tube inte-amp, Speaker, CD player, cables.
But in this price range, I can't choose....

Here's my starting line.
Jolida 302B
Monitor Audio RS6
Jolida 100 CD or any good piece
All used.

What's wrong with these?
Are these a good to excellent buy?
How do I justify myself spending such a big % to CD player?

One more thing to consider is WAF.
She thinks speakers should look like at least good.

Any comments are welcome.
I think your decisions are a great start for a newbie. My suggestion to you is next either treat your room or invest in good cabling as both should be treated as a component.
Thanks for your suggestion.

One more basic question is : MA RS6 is 6ohms, not usual 4 or 8ohms while Jolida's 4/8 ohms. I have no idea what the result be. Any issue with it?

And what are the good cables as a component?