MA Recordings

I see from a search that a few of you seem to know about this, but not many. I was at the NY audio show the other day and happened to stumble into this room by accident. I actually went in to check out Woo headpone amps, but I happened to find this guy from MA Recordings who is a real fanatic about capturing beautiful sound on CD. Has his own microphones made, uses the best acoustic venues, etc. I picked up a copy of Ito Ema performing the Goldberg Variations and it is really wonderful. Great piano tone and sense of space. There is hope for the CD if you know where to look. Check out He has many releases - CD, SACD and data disc for those who care about that. Great music with great sound. To quote our good friend Peter Aczel - the most important component in the system is the CD. Buy good-sounding CDs. That's his advice. Enjoy the music.
I bought several from Todd while I was at AXPONA in Chicago.
He is a wealth of knowledge and really enjoys his work.

He is a fine concert pianist as well as a recording engineer.
Too bad I missed him. Only had Sat p.m. at the show and I am happy w my Woo HP amp,so I skipped their room. Thx for the tip.