MA Gold 60s-JM Labs 926 or Revel Performa 50s

I heard the Monitor Audios with the Dipolar surrounds and they sounded great in a big theater. I was wondering if they compete with the JM Labs & Revels as an all around system I have a B&W 507 receiver and will be using them for both Home Theater and Music. Is this enough power to drive the JM Labs or Revels? Also, I am trying to decide between a Velodyne DD-12 or SPL1200 subwoofer. Are these decent choices? Any suggestions?
I have heard all three of those and own the 926s. IMO, the Revels and the JM Labs are definately more refined than the MA Gold 60s - particularly the soundstage and high frequencies.

As for power consumption, the 926s are pretty darn efficient and will need a lot less power than the Revels. I am very very impressed with my speakers - I auditioned many before choosing the Electra 926 and I have been extremely pleased with my decision since. Let me know if you want any more info. Good luck! Arthur
Thanks Arthur for your input! What kind of Subwoofer and surrounds are you using with your system?
No sub or surrounds for me. I am very very VERY picky about image focus so HT just doesn't meet my needs. Arthur
We own the JM Lab 906 and the Revel Performa 50, used as remote speakers and the main speakers in a HT system, respectively. We are using a Velodyne SPL1200 with the 906s.
Comparing the two, I like the Revels and my wife likes the JM Labs.

The 906s are more efficient and drive well off of the 100 watt per channel receiver. The Revels are vertically bi-amped, with 400 watts per channel for each speaker. The Revels consume all of that power and act as if they would be happy with more. There is little difference between the 100 wpc receiver we use and the 150 wpc receiver you have: There is no difference at all in the volume. If you want as much volume as possible, go with the JM Lab speakers. If that is not an issue, buy the Revels, but remember my wife would strongly recommend the JM Labs. BTW, we both like these better than our B&W 803s.

The SPL-1200 is a perfect subwoofer for the JM Labs, but I am thinking of buying a B-15 to match with the Revels. The reviews on the DD-15 are rave.