MA 6900 vs. MC 402. Anyone Step Up?

I'm contemplating my next amplifier and was trying to decide whether I'd be happy with a lower power integrated for a while, or whether I'd be better off waiting a while longer and going directly for separates. Anyone move from the 6900 to the 402 and how dramatic was the change? From what I've experienced the essential Mac sound qualities are there with both. Anyone's actual experience is appreciated. Thanks, Greg
I upgraded from a MA6500 to a combo of C200 and 402. While the 6900 is above the 6500, it is not by much so, so I think my experience may be relevant for you. Yes, the difference was dramatic: both from the preamp part of the 6500 to the C200, then from the power amp part of the 6500 to the 402. You get much better soundstaging and better defined instruments, even more natural voices, and a much better defined, stronger bass.
Florian Hassel
P.S.: I have been bitten by the upgrade bug,too, and contemplate about when best to upgrade the 402 to a pair of 501s...