M2Tech hiFace192 + Theta Gen Va synergy?

I just want to comment that I am really enjoying listening to the M2Tech hiFace USB/spdif adapter into a very old Theta Gen Va D/A. I have been in this hobby a long time, and I am amazed at how good this sounds.
I would hypothesize that the asyncynchronus data transfer and a resulting reduction of jitter has enabled the now old Theta Gen Va to really shine. The depth, precision of image and "air" around images is amazing, and the sound is truly relaxing with no loss of detail. I know there is a lot of talk about the new Ayre anti-alaising D/A algorithm. I'm not sure how it differs from the algorithm created by Theta years ago. I am sure that it would be difficult to beat the analog output stage of the Theta.
I would encourage relistening to some of these older D/A processors with a now low jitter feed before spending big $ on some of the new stuff.
Has anyone had a similar experience?
It certainly did enhance my system from the first note. (Krell HTS 7.1 pre/pro) In particular, the bass sounded tighter to me. Now it has gone back to Ireland for some modifications which are essentially to drive the hiface with two small batteries instead of the USB power provided by the Mac Pro. Cleaner power should provide cleaner sound. . . so I have read. Other reviews have indicated that the modifications provide another big step up in SQ. We shall see.

Hopefully your thread will breathe new life into some older DACs!!
I have used both a HiFace with my Theta Gen Va (balanced, 96K) and an ART Legato with a Theta Casablanca II (Xtreme DACs). For RBCD, the Legato beats the HiFace with reduced haze, glare, and sibilance, giving me the most liquid sound I have ever had. However, the HiFace sounds very nice, especially so with a 5M BNC cable. It might sound better in other systems, depending on the effect that my PC's power and grounds have on it. The Legato uses its own power and achieves galvanic isolation. I can get the HiFace closer to the Legato with a Monarchy DIP, but the Legato still wins.

Either of them beats my Theta Jade transport (which was connected using a 1M AES/EBU wire).

I think you're right on the money regarding the sound quality of the Gen Va. It was, and is, top-shelf. Effectively, the asynchronous USB interface performs a very similar function for Jurassic DACs that buffering/reclocking does in the Generation VIII.

Given that a Gen Va can be had for $1500 or less on Audiogon, pairing it with a top-flight asynchronous USB to SPDIF converter makes a compelling investment.

Since I'm using the BNC output of the USB interface(s), and a modest 5M BNC->BNC cable between the interface and the DAC(s), I am able to unload the 1M Siltech wires I used for RCA and AES/EBU connection for more than the cost of a USB->SPDIF interface.
Mryan, Thanks for your response. Did you compare the HiFace directly to the Legato through the Theta Gen Va?
I read the info on the Legato and they are not clear on their "very well designed" clock. The hiFace uses a crystal, very precise and cheap. If the Legato sounds better then the power supply might be very important. In which case, the power supply mods for the hiFace and also the new model might be interesting. I am using a normal 75 ohm spec bnc cable and have changed the input jack on the Theta to bnc many years ago. I personally think the bnc spec cables are key , and thay those using rca jacks for digital trahsmissions are wasting a lot of money. MUSE only uses bnc jacks for their products.
I think the Legato and the HiFace are in different manufacturing leagues; the Legato is in a 9x6x2 aluminum case with its own internal power supply. Given the reports of the improvements in the HiFace using batteries, I suspect the power is important. However, different USB cables were important to this degree: the best-sounding ones with the Legato omit the power lines altogether. Enough said about power.

My Gen Va and the little HiFace (which I bought while I waited my turn in the ART line) never got happy together; there was too much glare/haze (with the zingy strings and sibilance).

The Legato (which only does 44.1) transforms the Gen Va, which isn't a bad DAC to start with. The glare and haze are greatly, greatly reduced; the sound comes from a blacker background, and the highs are sweet. The Legato beats my Jade whether the Jade uses optical (Theta), BNC, or AES. I don't think you have heard what a Gen Va can do until you hear the Legato.

My Gen Va is a late model with 96K capability. At $2K or so for the pair, (Legato,Theta), you've got some classic high-end sound. Of course, I paid $6500 for the Gen Va back in the day, which is why I am motivated to extend its life into the computer age.

I think a comparison between the Legato and the HiFace is unfair to the HiFace -- it isn't really built to compete (and costs about 1/3 as much). The HiFace EVO may be a better comparison, but is too new to know.
Thanks for the clarification. I wan't trying so much to compare the hiFace to the Legato as to determine the relative importance of the power supply and the jitter reduction using a crystal oscillator ( which I remember from ham radio in 1960).
I find the strengths of the hiFace/Theta Gen Va to be the reduction in glare that you cite as a weakness, so I guess I should attempt to find a Legato or upgrade power to the hiFace.
I would (and did) get the Legato -- twice. I have two systems (the other is a Casablanca II Xtreme) and I use Legatos with both. My experience getting decent computer sound was the same with both -- I didn't like what I heard until I got a high-quality asynch USB/SPDIF converter.
Novice at PC Music Storage/ Downloading. I am currently having a Computer designed from bottom up. This Computer will be utilizing USB 3.0, as well as USB 2.0. Heard that they were compatable anyways. Trying to plan ahead for a USB to SPDIF,AES/EBU Converter to hook up to my favorite DAC. Any Converters out there that can utilize the benefits of USB 3.0? Any Converters out there, including the ones mentioned here, with a built in USB 3.0 Reciever? Any sonic benefits to utilizing USB 3.0? Any experiences with High Resolution, HD, Multi-Channel, across USB 3.0?
I agree that old Theta Digital DACs are still awesome when fed a low jitter source. I am using an iMac optical output, Wireworld Supernova, Assemblage D2D-1, three Twisted Pear Design S/PDIF transceivers in series (jitter filters) into a Theta Pro Basic IIIA DAC. BNC digital cables are from WyWires and Stereolab. I modified the Pro Basic by upgrading to the CS8414 input receiver and added a BNC input using the PartsConnexion Ohm-Aha mini silver 75 ohm cable. I am using Amarra HiFi software and use the Apple Remote app on my iPad to control iTunes. The sound quality through the Theta is much better than my Schiit Audio Bifrost Uber DAC. I also have a Theta transport, Pearl, that I no longer use. My Apogee Centaur speakers never sounded so good!
I have used the Hi-Face and now a Audiophileo2. My position is that there are several quality older DACs that remain competitive as a DAC however lack implementation for USB. Many have better power supplies and analog output stages than newer USB DACs and can be purchased at lower price. External USB converters solve this issue and are often better than onboard ones. Also allow for an upgrade path.