M2Tech Hiface Mac drivers

Does anyone know of alternate drivers that work with the hiface on a mac? I use my mac mini as a music server and htpc and the hiface is unusable for videos (netflix, hulu, youtube, etc.) due to the lip sync delay that are caused by the drivers. The sound quality with the hiface is a significant improvement over the optical out into my dac and I would like to use it as the primary sound device for movies/videos as well as music.

If anyone knows of alternate drivers that get rid of the delay, please let me know. Also, do other asynch usb dacs that require drivers have this problem? Does the Wyred Dac 2 drivers cause a delay on a Mac?

Good luck in your search. I can't speak for the HiFace but I thought I would mention that I use an Apogee Duet with a Firewire connection and I have none of the problems you experience.