m20s and what?

I plan to buy Revel m20s and am thinking either a Musical Fidelity A300 or Rotel RB 1070 (around $800). I also have no clue what kind of cables ($75-150) or CD player ($500-600) to get. This will be my first higher end audio system and I would like to do the Revels justice as much as my wallet will allow. I'm looking to spend around $3000.00 for the whole thing. I like the neutrality of the m20s so I don't think that I will change that part of the set up. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Consider also a PS Audio HCA2. You can find them used for around your price. I had an HCA2 and a pair of M20s for a year and a half or so when I was starting out in this hobby. I had a great time with them!
Thanks, I will look into this!!


Rather go for Merlin TSM-MM or MX speakers.....
My previous speakers were Revel M20s and currently I own Merlin VSM-MM speakers.



As for the CD Player, give the Music Hall CD-25 a look, it's a very good unit in the price range you're looking at.
Not sure if you are still reading these responses...or if you've already bought your gear? For what it's worth I almost bought the Revel M20 and opted for Spendor s5e's, however we are in the same price point. I bought an Arcam CD73t which blew the transport off other units!!! Used you might even get higher up the Arcam food chain. The Rotel 1070 was no match in an A-B setup for my comparison. I paid roughly $650. I too am now on the hunt for amplification...looking at integrateds (BAT, Pathos, DK and Ayre). Waiting for a good used unit! Anyway, enjoy the Revels it was a toss up with the Spendors and I know I would be happy with them as well. What a soundstage they thow!!! I heard the Revels with Rotel gear (surround equipment) they did ample justice, but I think you could do better in 2 channel...the speaker could handle amps in the 2 to 3k range easy.


I don't know about amplification but I'll put my two cents in on a CD player. The Music Hall CD25 and Arcam CD-73T are both excellent players and great recommendations. I have owned both. Another overachiever is the Cambridge Audio Azur 640C, which I also owned. Of the three I feel the CD25 was the least detailed and the Arcam the most detailed but on the analytical side and perhaps a bit lean in the bass. I feel the Cambridge presented the best balance overall and that it is a great bargain in audio. I preferred it to the Rega Planet 2000 that I owned.

If you can and want to spend more, consider the Consonance CD-120 (another overachiever). It is better than those above.

Have fun!