M scaler or Cables

Which item will have the most dramatic impact on the music, a Chord Hugo M scaler or Nordost Valhallas?
Nordost cables and connects with original SPM reference speaker cables exist. I would be connecting the M scaler to the Chord Hugo TT 2. Whats are your opinions?
Thanks that is a great bit of info on the Chord. 

I do use a Torus power conditioner on my office system. The Chord I am considering is for a bedroom, with DAC + the microRendu streamer only. Great to know that a direct wall connection will suffice.

I am reading that the Chord and Empy headphone sound great with one of the neutral Chord DAC filters set. This is where my interest in the TT2 came about.
Glad I could help.  Good luck!
I have the Hugo 2 / Hugo 2 go using the Empys as my bedroom system with Tidal playing within Roon. it sounds great to my ears. I can only imagine how the TT2 would sound.