M. Logan Requests- Tube Suggestions in $1.5-2K??

You Logan owners. Currently using Parasound HCA3500. Want that silky tube warmth and power. The Parasound also run's so damm HOT! Suggestions welcome!
VTL 225 OR higher powered VTL amplifiers work well with them. Pair of 225's available here for a song currently.
You might want to check out a Blue Circle BC24 hybrid amp. I've heard this amp very recently with a pair of Requests, and it's a very effective combination.
I have to second Mejames suggestion of the VTL 225 that are currently listed for $2200. The other VTL 225's listed for $999 may be bogus since I have not heard back from the seller after several attempts myself.Also they are still not marked as sold when the $999 is far below market value.

None the less the VTL 225 with the Ei KT90 tubes run in only full triode mode and matched with the efficiency of the ML Request will sound incredible. No need to worry about the low load of the ML's, This amp can handle it hansomely. The only issue you will face is the heat from the tubes, but beleive me, once your hear sound you may be willing to deal with it.

Good luck,

I used a Sonic Frontiers Power 2 on my ML Prodigy's and before that SL3's. It worked very well. You might also look for an ARC VT100, although I am not sure what they are going for these days.
For my SL3's I'm using two Golden Tube Audio SE-40's that were converted to monoblocks, you can get these for around $1k or less on audiogon. I've been amazed at the sound....but I'm new to this hobby so I'm also very interested in what others have to say.

Also Dennis Had of Cary/AES has a new design - a pair of "sixpacks" that are $2400/pair new. (Just saw these while looking for tubes) Looks interesting!
There is info at www.upscaleaudio.com on these.
All tube amps run pretty hot so you need good ventilation. I use the Mcintosh tube 2102 (100 wpc) with my Odysseys when I go tube with them. A lot of good and interesting suggestions are made here. I also used an EAR 534 (50 wpc) and it really did a great job also but did limit volume levels though it is not my style to listen at those levels. More power is usually better with the Electrostats thus a really tube-like SS amp may give you that sound also. I would recommend the Mcintosh 352 which I use more often with my Odysseys than my 2102.
I'm using the Rogue Audio M120 Magnums with my ReQuests and they sound amazing. I started with the standard issue M-120', which you can find used here on Audiogon sometimes in your price range. Mark O'Brian used the ReQuests to voice the M-120's when he was developing them, so there is a definate synergy.

I don't have my system listed here at Audiogon yet, but you can see it at the url below (mine is system #28). I will tell you that once you've tried tubes on your ReQuests you'll never want to go back.

Thanks for the suggestion's as i needed a starting point with so many options being available and i really wanted a perspective from Logan owners. Please don't hesitate to add more!
Pardon my ignorance but as a rule will tube's alway's run hotter than ss units? Again my Parasound HCA 3500 run's hot as it should i suppose due to it's size and power. Also, is there a minimum watt in a tube amp to drive these Request's properly, say 40 watt?
Also, my Requests are bi-wired at the speaker and also at the Parasound(bi-wired connect posts). Some other amp's don't have a bi-wire setup on the back of the unit. What do i do at the back of these amp's to retain my setup? Double the positive leads as one and the neg's as one?
Anyway, thanks fo the feedback! Love the ML's!
yes regarding the speaker wire hook up that is correct. VTL amplifiers are very cool running for tube amplifiers.
You might have a tough time finding a tubed amp or pair of them with enough guts for ReQuests that fits your price range, but have you considered a neutral SS amp and a tube preamp?
You may also consider a McCormack. I'm driving my SL3s with a McCormack DNA 1/B. While I can't compare the sound to the Parasound, I can say it is most musical to my ears, runs reasonably cool, and has dual binding posts at the rear for your biwire setup.
I've seen used DNA 1/As, DNA 1 Monoblocks, and even the odd DNA 2 in your price range.
You may want to check out Classe Audio as I use two Classe 25 amps with the Class CP-60 preamp with my Ascents and the system sounds nice. I find the Classe amps work great with Logans, I also use a Sonic Frontiers SDF-2 tube D/A which matches well also.
Go to martinloganowners.com as you can get lot's of good info! Happy Listening!
Thanks for your suggestions, i am currently looking at some Rogue mono's, now! However i'm confused with the watt rating's,sorry about my ignorance in this regard but i need to know what the adequate watt rating in the tube amp's would be(A class? right?) Do my Requests need 40-80-120watt's in the tubes? Like i mentioned above i have the HCA 3500 Parasound(350 watt @8ohm) and it sounds ok but it runs super hot! Thanks for reading this elementary crap but before i go wild on tube amp's i want to verify the right power rating for the Logan Request's.


Call Martin Logan.
Call Martin Logan. A lot will depend on how loud you want to push them.