m&k speakers opinion

hi all, i have a set of s 125's for my front L/R and center.

i've been thinking of upgrading to s150thx or s100b for the 3 front channels.
i dont use thx processing when watching movies.
i use my system mostly for movies.
my room is 14x12 with an 8 foot ceiling.
due to my room size:

will i benefit from a s100b upgrade?
will the s150thx be better even tho i dont use thx processing?

Are the 125's small monitors? And you are thinking about going full-range with the addition of a sub, or two?
the s125's have 2 midrange and 1 tweeter vs the 2 midrange and 3 tweeter arrangement used in the ss150thx and s100b. all 3 types of speakers use the same drivers and tweeters. which ever speaker set i go to i will use atleast one subwoofer, but eventually i will upgrade to 2 subs.
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