M&K Speakers? Any thoughts?

Has anyone heard M&K speakers? I was curious to hear how many of you reacted to them. I heard a small sample, but I want to know from people who own them. I'm looking to buy speakers for HT and want to know your ideas. I dont want full-range jobs. I like the satellite/powered sub set-up. It fits better with my surroundings. Thanks! Jason
For the price, the MK 750-THX speakers sound very nice for home theater use. Great clarity and imaging, at least for the amount of money you will spend. If you want to spend twice as much, the SS-150's sound excellent for HT. Check them both out, and depending on your budget, they are both much better sounding than I expected.
I gotta go with the above remarks. I have pretty much always been impressed with the quality of M&K products. I have owned some 75's and a sat/sub system of theirs(I kinda deal in this stuff, used, and no I'm not trying to sell you any, I don't have em) and was just very impressed. You can't go wront there. My opinion.
Just another opinion - M&K is excellent,only competition = Paradigm Reference Studio 40 & 20, maybe B&W too.However,I think the Paradigm Reference is a better "bang for the buck" than M&K.
The M&K just don't have the full sound that the B&W CDMN series can support. For the money, look at the B&Ws.