m&k s-125, s-100b, s-150thx

hi all, i've heard that the s-100b are more musical than the s-150thx speakers. since movies are musical, doesn't this mean that they are better speakers for movies aswell?

i currently have a s-125 set. i mainly use my system for home theater and was wondering if it is worth the upgrade.

my question is related to home theater. are the s-150thx going to be the best for home theater (s100b vs s150thx)?.

also, how far behind is the sound quality of the s125's compared to the two sets mentioned above?

my room is 12 x 14 feet with an 8 foot ceiling.

I just bought a pair of S-100B's to replace my Front L/R S-125's. I moved the S-125's to the Surround Back L/R position. I am still using the S-125 center because I think that it is a much better shape/fit as a center channel speaker than an S-100B would be. The combination works very well.

The S-100B is definitely an upgrade over the S-125. They took very little equalization to achieve a flat in room response. They have a nack of just disappearing. The sound is very transparent.
thanks for your response.

how would you describe the upgrade?

more bass or midrange or high etc?

have your tried or heard to s150thx?

thank so kindly