M&K S-125 or S-150?

The S-125 was the speaker system I wanted to own back in the day...and I haven't really delved into surround sound since then. Now I'm back and am trying to decide between the S-125 (LCR) system and the newer S-150 (LCR).

Aesthetically I like the S-125's...they are slimmer and will look nicer in my HT. The S150's look (for lack of a better word) boxy, and you can't get the stands for them either.

My question is are the S150's really that much better sonically? I'd be willing to sacrifice some aesthetics for superior sound...but only to a point. Also looking at the S100b's. The S-150's and S100b's seem to be more available at the moment...so that's also a consideration.

I have no experience with the S-125, but I owned the S-150 for several years and thought they were an excellent value. They replaced a pair of Spendor S8e floorstanding speakers. However, I think the driver arrangement is fundamentally flawed and you could do better with a more conventional design. If you happen to be using a pre/pro, I suggest you take a look at active speakers. Regarding stands... I'm using sound anchor adjustable studio stands. They fit the S-150 and my current JBL LSR4328 perfectly.
Will be using a nice Arcam pre/pro (AV8). Why do you suggest an active speaker?
Active speakers have several theoretical advantages. M&K made the S-150 in an active version for their professinal division. I appreciate the theoretical advantages, but I really like having fewer boxes in the system -- no multichannel amp. Also, no speaker cables. Lower IMD. Potentially lower total cost.

Quad makes an active speaker. I'm not sure how well it would handle high SPLs for movie watching.

Here's a link to many active speakers: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/buy/Studio-Monitors/ci/8617/N/4294550597

I'm using the KRK VXT6 in my office system. I'd probably pick the VXT8 for a home system.

I'm using the JBL LSR4328 plus LSR4312 subwoofer in my home system.