M&K push-pull config???? suggestions?

i've heard good things about m&k's mx line of subs with the push-pull 12"'s, but have not actually listened for myself as the dealer closest to me just got rid of m&k. they even have the push-pulll 8" model mx-70B out now. those of you that have listened to these by miller and kreisel, please enlighten me on their benefits as compared to going, say, with one of their single 8" or 12". any help would be greatly appreciated!
Hello Clay,
I have owned the M&K V125 single 12" for a number of years. I recently had a problem with it and the audio store let me borrow the M&K MX-105 Dual 12" until it was repaired. WOW what a difference, the dual design is tighter and has considerably more volume than the single 12". The single 12" is an exceptional unit in itself BUT if i were going to invest in a sub i would DEFINATELY get the dual design. Hope this helps in your decision.
I would like to ask mrsoundman a question about the sc1 or s1c from mk. I like loud rock and roll the man at mk told me the push pull s1c's were great at sound stage and imaging is that like a martin logan electrostat. i love these speakers have you heard these and in your words what do they perform or sound like. just some questions


Hey Clay,
Sorry cant help you with those models. I have only had the V125 and the MX-105. Both have been wonderful for music. I am strictly a 2 channel music listener so i can vouche for there musical ability. Sorry i couldnt help with that model though.
I have an MX-150 THX attached to a decent mid-fi system ( Yamaha, Boston Acoustics ) and it is by far my favorite peace of gear.