M&K Lp's...still superb after all these years.

I acquired another copy of the superb 'For Duke"LP today. This LP can still compete with the best out there IMHO.
The big hitters in this series seem to be : "For Duke", "Earl "Fatha" Hines and "Flamenco Fever".
I have a copy of another LP called "Good Sound to you from Jonas and Ken"....anyone heard of this LP? Cant find it in the Discogs compilation of M&K LP's.
What are the other M&K Lp's that can be recommended?
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M&K only did around 20 or so LPs. I think I have most of them.

In addition to the ones you already listed, these are very good also:

Ed Graham-Hot Stix

Roger Wagner Chorale-Encore

Don Menza-Burnin'
Many years ago, I had M&K's superb "For Duke", and have longed to have it again for almost as many years.

I managed to find it on an M&K 20 bit "Real Time" gold disc cd. It also has Earl "Fatha" Hines playing "Hits He Missed", that is also excellent. One of the best sounding digital discs I have.

I would still love to have the original "For Duke" on vinyl (digital doesn't quite do it as well as the vinyl) again. Hopefully, some day.

Daveyf, where did you find your copy? Are there any more to be had?

Thanks, and regards,
Dan, The infamous eBay is the source for these LP's. Lots of bidders always, so be on the look out.
I've had this album for 20 years and have always been impressed with the soundstage it 5 how's as well as its natural, fully fleshed sound.