M&K Bookshelf 75 or Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 ?

The boy is moving out later this summer and I wanted to outfit him with something of a decent sound system for he and his galfriend to enjoy. It will largely be for H/T, but will also serve as a 2.1 listening system. I have an older Yamaha A/V receiver and my bullet-proof Hafler DH220 modified by John Hillig (he told me in an exchange that it pushes about 140 watts into 8 ohms, 240 into 4 ohms) that will anchor the system. I have a line on an M&K V75 mark II sub for a very fair price, and was thinking I’d like to pair it with a pair of bookshelf/stand mounts. Obviously, the Bookshelf 75s match the sub, but I also have a line on a pair of the Elacs for a little over $200 new (B stock). I’m not looking to spend a lot of money ($250-$300 and used is fine), just give him a decent, mid-fi outfit that he can start out with. I thought these two speakers represented good values in their own rights, and the V75 sub seems like it has always been well-regarded. I will not be able to hear either of these speakers, and I understand the Elacs will take some break-in. The toss-up seems to be older M&K 75s or the brand new Elac pair.

The place they’re moving into is small, so bookshelf/stand mounts are the way to go. Any A-gon advice would be appreciated.
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For $200 you cant go wrong with the Elacs. I would by those over M&K's, and suffer through the burn in period...itll be worth it.

I second the Elacs and you can add Wharfedale Diamond 225’s to the list!
For your budget you may consider the Paradigm monitor Atom SE , I bought them last week amazing speakers for just $300.